Sunday, August 8, 2010

Kamen RIder W EP 47 Toei Preview

A cool episode for viewing new villain character and the Utopia Dopant.
The episode starts with Philip's 1st job request to Shotaro which is help him to find Wakana hime.
Fighting the tons of Masquerade.
That company called RAVEN INC and there is a big label there written CHARMING.
Foundation X is going to launch the long waited Gaia Impact.
With the head of the Foundation X appear, the woman in white, who is her?
Accel VS Utopia but probably will get be defeated.

Shotaro finds Shroud? Why?!
Last Picture is Shotaro pressing Joker Memory which he lies on the ground, that stick is Utopia's weapon.
Maybe Philip gets kidnapped this time and Shotaro gets the Lost Driver to Henshin into Joker.
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