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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kamen Rider W EP 47 and 46 Preview! Scans+ Pictures + Video

Kamen Rider W 46 Preview

SHORT REVIEW on Kamen Rider W 46 Preview
Sonozaki's family meeting.
All in nice clothes and started to talk.
Sister Battle START!
Slash and hit.
Accel with his vehicle mode with Turbuler?
Shotaro in TERROR MODE!
Philip get pushed into the fountain of Gaia data again?

Kamen Rider W 47 Preview
Kazu with UTOPIA memory.
Utopia with Accel henshin-ing to TRIAL

 Rider Saeko!

Who is the one on the bed? Is it Wakana who get kidnapped?

You can see the Foundation X's woman leader, probably a leader...with that face.

No comment on the 1st picture...
The second one seems like welcoming someone back from overseas studying.

Masquerade and Accel, chase and run battle

Utopia locked TRIAL..omg I cant move

Ya sure is Wakana on that picture this emo guy norm guy, what happen to you again?

The Actor for Foundation X's woman leader :





You can download the FLV here:
Filename: W 47-pre.flv
File description: Up by w132614 @copyright by TOEI
File size: 1.22 MB 
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