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All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider Synopsis part 2 (continue)

Ankh,Momo,Hina's Brother.
3立一体(3 in one lol...)

Sorry for the mistakes in the 1st part.
OK now let us continue.

Kotaro explanation ....and Back to the past again
  • He explained to them because of cell medal they left in 40 years ago, the history changed.
  • After Kotaro explained to everyone.(Shotaro,Philip,Eiji,Ankh) 
  • They back to the past which is 40 years ago (1 minute from 40 years ago as mention in the trailer by the Owner)
  • Owner agreed to let them change the history to save the world but there is a time limit.
  • >>>>>>>>>>back to 40years ago 1971.   

40 years ago (1971 again)
  • By utilizing Philip's ability to search(his searching function most probably better than Google lol) they found the location of the cell medal.
  • When they are searching for the cell medal, an enemy appered
  • Shocker leader, General Black or Black Shogun(from Black RX correct me if I'm wrong)
  • General Black turn into kaijin form and grab the medal from them
  • The History still the same, Shocker Greed was created
  • Ichigo and Nigo still brainwashed 
  • Period to fix the history had over, they were forced to leave 1971
  • At the same time, Shotaro and Philip disappeared as wind
Present 2011
  • Back to 2011, Shocker's plan 'Human Elimination' started.
  • After Den-O,New Den-O and OOO fought and fought,they lost.
  • They caught Eiji, Ankh(+Momo) and Kotaro
  • Shocker announce to Japan, there will be a Rider Sentence.
The Turning Arch
  • People gathered around the sentence stage, everyone feel sad and lost because they lost their last hope.
  • Ichigo and Nigo were on the same spot as Shocker Leader.
  • Because of OOO, New Den-O, Den-O were fighting Shocker for long time, human started to know what is Kamen Rider.
  • The Rider Team boy pop up to save the 3 riders.(Momo Ankh consider as Rider too)
  • The boy keep talking and talking to the 2 riders.(Ichigo and Nigo)
  • The crowd also started to yell and shout "Kamen Rider"(The crowd there is all Kamen Rider fans,you can watch this from the Movie TV Special)
Climax Ending
  • All the Showa Riders appear from the Lost History (BGM deng deng deng deng..this is my own BGM)
  • Although the attempt to fix the timeline failed, their action to fix the timeline has caused a little change
  • that's why all the Showa Riders appear
  • Ichigo and Nigo get their memory and justice back
  • They gather with all the Showa Riders and prepare to save the Eiji,Kotaro and Ankh
  • Shocker Kaijin started to fight back
  • Vrooomm! the familiar bike sound is heard.
  • W brought Kuuga,Agito,Ryuki,Faiz,Blade,Hibiki,Kabuto,Kiva to the battle scene
  • At the same time, Decade and Black RX appear from dimension portal (Decade's travel path)
  • 2ndary Riders appear with Birth leading them
  • "Kamen Rider" back to the history
  • Kamen Rider Versus Shocker
  • The battle scene just wait for the DVD or when you go to the Cinema.
Source via (kabuto000 for providing the information)

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