Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 30 preview video and short info

 !Kamen Rider OOO EP 30!
After you watched the raw there sure you will get excited on the series how the plot of 
Kamen Rider OOO will be in the 3/4 part of series
From episode 29 we can see the true body of ankh which in the future I will direct it as Right Hand and the current human Ankh as Left Hand.
So if you haven't watch the preview on episode 30
here is it!
you can see from the preview video
Left Hand Ankh saved by Eiji from being fully absorbed by Right Hand
Something about OOO from 800 years ago was talked about
Right Hand and Kazari together
Left Hand say something about OOO bozou(暴走) means go berserk (rumors that the King 800 years ago transform too much and causes that happen)
Core Medals power combining

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BlackSun88 said...

i think you made a mistake, human ankh should be right hand...


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