Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO New Greed - The Extinct Fantasy type based Greed

Sorry for being late to update!
Some rumors regarding the OOO Putotera Combo and New GREED
The purple Greed is not Dinosaur Greed as I stated in my blog.
According to Figure Oh Vol 159, Putotyra combo is not Dino combo but Extinct Fantasy Creatures Combo.
That means the Greed is~~
The Extinct Fantasy Greed!
(Half years ago, some rumors mentioned that A new type of Greed or Yummy that is combined animals like Bird+Insect= Dragon, Bird + Cat= Gryphon 
Seems like the rumors were somehow true, not true in combining all medals )
The story is around EP 31-32.
A black fog appeared when OOO was fighting as Tajyadol combo.
Inside the black fog there is 5 Purple Core Medals.
5 of them flies towards Eiji and enter his body.
When Eiji reverts back to human form, he collapses.
~~Purple eye~~
Maki takes the remaining Core Medals and the Ptera Yummy is created.
The Ptera Yummy is slightly different from the one in Movie Core War.
Date's illness starts to worsen
Will he DIE?
2 Rider Battle!
!Putotyra vs Birth!
DATE must DIE?

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