Saturday, April 23, 2011

Information about Eiji's Past

A new scan have been updated!
You can see Eiji in the picture is wearing the casual clothes not his colourful clothes.
And this is the story about his past.

Eiji is said to be a son of a Politician
Doctor Maki absorbs the remaining  purple core medals. 
This time, he will turn into the extinct-fantasy greeed, Giru.
(Human henshin into Greed?...Hmm..Maki?)
Date will be dying soon.(I hope not..)

Eiji became less selfish because of his brother, Hino Yuma. 
He went to disputed area to save a town.
It was for the sake of the desires of the whole world.
When Eiji finds out about the truth, he became the embodiment of unselfishness. 
His unselfishness is the source of OOO's powers.

His greed gradually releases when he use the purple medals, and transforms into Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra combo, he suddenly becomes the embodiment of greed and absorbs Ankh.

More about Eiji's past in the upcoming post,

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