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All Rider Let's Go Kamen Rider Synopsis part 1 (edited)

edited part:
Change from Shotaro to Kotaro explain about the current situation in the last few lines

You need some background about Movie Core Taisen 1st.
  • After Core defeated by W and OOO but Memory Memory and 3 Core Medals are still exist.
  • X-Foundation collected the Memory Memory and 3 Core Medals
  • X-Foundation found out the 3 Core Medals have the power to back to the past.
  • So they experiment on Memory Memory and the Core Medals again.
  • The Cell Medals,Core Medals and Memory Memoru combined and created a wormhole, Cell Medal were transferred to different dimension.
 All Rider Let's Go (PAST)
  • This is the time 1971 where the legend of Kamen Rider begins.
  • Shocker, evil organization that wanted to take over the world.
  • Ichigo and Nigo were fighting Shocker at that time
  • Cell Medal from Ankh took by Sentounin(read my previous post for further details)
  •  Shocker Scientist experimenting on the cell medal
  • At this time the Shocker Core Medal was created
  • Shocker Core Medal+Cell Medal=Shocker Greed
  • Shocker Greed VS Ichigo,Nigo but they lost
  • They were brainwashed
  • Shocker began to conquer any part of the world
  • At the same time, Kamen Rider Ichigo and Nigo were listed in the LOST HISTORY
  All Rider Let's Go (PRESENT 1)
  • Cell Medals in Shocker Greed reacted again, dimension where Eiji exist (Original Dimension) crossed with 'the other dimension'(where Ichigo Exist)
  • They were back to 2011 years but it's 'the other dimension'
  • They had back to the world where it's destroyed and conquered by SHOCKER!! 
All Rider Let's Go (PRESENT 2) 
  • Eiji and Ankh still didn't get the point what is happening right now. Suddenly, tons of Mole Imagin and Dopants poping up
  •  When OOO ready to battle, SHOTARO and PHILIP appeared!!
  • Henshin CYCLONE JOKER! Omaiyo sugi no kazayaro!
  • When W and OOO defeated almost all of the villain, 3 Mole Imajins wanted to run away.
  • At that critical moment, Den-Liner ~~~~~~~~~~~ rushed out! New Den-O appeared!
  • 3 Riders defeated all villains
  • Kotaro started to explain to all about current situation ...
  •  Original Dimension : OOO exist but not Shocker and Showa Rider.
  • The Other Dimension:where Ichigo and Nigo exist, Cell Medal changed the history
  • Lost History:Ichigo and Nigo were brainwashed and caused all the Showa Riders also listed in the Lost History
  • Crossing of parallel dimension caused OOO from the Original Dimension to The Other Dimension which is 40 years later,2011 (OOO is in Ichigo world but is 40 years after 1971 which is 2011)
  • Continue on next post

Source via (kabuto000 for providing the information)

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