Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO more Magazine Scans!

 A new Yummy revealed, White Owl Yummy.
Sagozo vs White Owl
Sagozo can't defeat the White Owl Yummy so he changed into Putotyra Combo
 After Eiji lost the Red Core Medal, he can't use the Tajyadol combo so~~
Putotyra VS Left Ankh, Kazari and White OWL!

 It seems that the kid Ankh which is Left Ankh also like popsicle.
Seems like when he lost his memory he is still have the same taste buds huh? 
Sauba Combo VS Kazari!
In the episode, OOO only have the Sai Core Medal while Gorilla, Zou, Cheetah are in the hands of Kazari.

Meanwhile, another magazine scan state that Burakawani combo is to debut in Summer Wars Movie means that the previous rumors is 100% true already.

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