Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kamen Rider W EP 17 Latest Pictures~~ That will spoil you!

One the last episode Saeko said that Kirihiko Nazca Wing and Speed has awaken.
Will they become closer?

To me, it seems not so close.

A stupid youngsters that bought the Gaia Memory and become the dopant.
IN the rules of selling Gaia Memory, the salesmen cant sell memory to children below 18.
The youngsters only 15 years old.
He thought that with Gaia Memory, he will become super man.

Yet he become powerful and got side effect on kids because Gaia Memory only suitable for adults above 18.
I think that Kirihiko fights the dopant because he think is his responsible to save the child.
W not fighting him because he wants to settle the things himself.
But from the previous posting.
Kamen Rider W will fight Nazca as Fang Joker in EP17.
Stay tune for this Sunday!

source via bt.temox.com

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