Sunday, January 3, 2010

Latest Info regarding Kamen Rider Accel!

【予告】 照井竜がアクセルへ変身する。
照井 竜(てるい りゅう)は警視庁のエリート刑事だ。だが彼の過去は凄惨なものだった。両親と妹を、なぞのドーパントに殺害されたのだ。彼は、両親の復讐のため、すべてのドーパントを抹殺しようとする。
The first part from my translation.

照井竜 is an officer in Futo Police Department's Criminal Elite.
In his past, T.T His Parents and sister were killed by a mysterious Dopant.
He started to seek for revenge by killing all dopants.
That is why he hates dopants and want to kill them off.

照井 竜にアクセルメモリとアクセルドライバーを託した謎の女性は誰なのか、不明だ。
The second part revealed that___________________________________________

照井 竜's Gaia Memory was entrusted to him by a mysterious woman.

Raw translation of 照井 竜 name is Terui Ryu.

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