Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kamen Rider Accel Maximum Drive Engine Blade slash!

nice right?
Maximum drive slash with his engine blade!
ENGINE MAXIMUM DRIVEeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr
Defeating all the small Masquerade 

Some correction here: Kamen Rider Accel dun have a bike..he can transform into a bike! He no need a motorcycle haha..Wonder..that kind of pain...

More information regarding him:
He is an office in Futo Police Station, a member or maybe a leader in Specific Case Investigation Team(Weird cases with gaia memory and dopant)
He hates dopant and gaia memory. SO!!!!
YUP! He will be fighting W in the future episode because He thinks that W is threatening FUTO.
But ended up W is the one who protecting..I wanna watch Fang Joker pawn him seriously..hohoho

But kinda not fair if W win..because 2 VS 1 sure the 1 will lose.

*Everytime..Kamen Rider rider sure fight with old rider...due to some misinterpreting character and sides..finally they will help each other..what a story

So we will see they fight first then team up and fight other dopants.

For more information..yeah~Stay tune my blog..Although this MON school starts but I will try to keep up the news for you all~

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