Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kamen Rider W EP18 Kirihiko is dead, Accel show the face! Synopsis


You can view from the picture, Kirihiko is gone.
He protected W and killed by his own wife.
The Newspaper show that Kirihiko Sonozaki suddenly dead.

While investigating how a group of children have become the Bird Dopant, Kirihiko begins to question his involvement with the Sonozaki family.
Ask, ask and ask, finally the old hag..gonna kill him off.
Museum Owner, Ryubee Sonozaki tell him that his high speed Nazca memory is just experiment on him.
Now his body is weak due to high speed effect of Nazca memory which burden his body and fell pain.
So the old hag wanna kill him off, but he gets away.
Chased by Similidon, he was saved by CLAY DOLL. =_=
He met W while fighting. It seems W is protected by Nazca while fighting the bird dopant.
In the End, Kirihiko told W the truth that his body cant stand longer due to the side effect.
Before he left, he told W that the job to protect this city is passed to you.
He gave his most precious 'I love Futokun' (keychain?) to Shotaro.
The Scene of him dying is T.T tears tears and tears.
Killed by own lover, own family in own beloved city.
Saeko killed him because he is a threat to the museum.

The 3rd picture is Kamen Rider Accel or Terui Ryu, he caught his kabuto and smiling lol.
Episode 19!

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