Thursday, March 31, 2011

OOO DEN-O ALL RIDERS LET'S GO KAMEN RIDER Movie Special Video!+main plot

 If you are one kind of HOT BLOOD kiddo or fans like me, when you watch this please endure your passion for Kamen Rider.
Cuz I nearly shout out when I watching this 2 videos, especially the 2nd one with All Riders Characters Profile...

TMR which is 4.1 APRIL FOOL!
But the movie is really up there tmr!
RoadShow on 1st of April in all movie theaters in Japan!

Here is some main plot and arc about the story. 
I'll do it in point form for an easier view.
All these you all can view it in the 2 videos
  • OOO fighting Mole Imagins, which Ankh already know they are not Yummy
  • Den-Liner appeared, New Den-O, Kotaro explained that they are Imagins.(I wonder why so many mole Imagins that involve in main story and movie..maybe they are the most appeared villain..)
  • So they began to travel to the past 1971.11.11
  • They fighting the Imagins.
  • With Den-O full charge, Eiji fell down and pressed on Ankh's arm, one cell medal pop out.
  • After that they go back to the present with Den-Liner
  • The Sentounin (Yee-man) found the medal and gave it to General Black
  • Shocker Scientist experimenting on the cell medal
  • The Shocker Core Medal has been created and combine with the cell medals collected
  • and become Shocker Greed
  • Shocker Greed Defeated Kamen Rider 1 + 2
  • Then world after 40 years changed
  • Eiji and Ankh were saved by the Rider Team kids.
  • Explanation about current world
  • Kotaro came to present world and go back 40 years ago with Eiji and Ankh
  • They are fighting kind of smooth but in the end General Kamen Riders were here, They defeated OOO and New Den-O
  • They back to 40 years ago and failed the changing of history.
  • The main characters, Eiji,Ankh and Kotaro were captured by Shocker.
  • One Rider Team boy came out to save the 3 main characters.
  • He was captured by Shocker Greed
  • Ichigo and Nigo wanted to stop the kid but in the end the boy awakened their JUSTICE.
  • They became normal and started fighting Shocker with ALL RIDERS
  • So all the fighting parts began.
  • OOO get the Tamashii combo and ROCK THE WORLD!
  • IN the END, ALL IS WELL!

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