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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 26 preview scans + video

Click to have a clearer view of the images.




脚本:小林靖子  監督:柴﨑貴行

Note that the synopsis below is not the above translation.(I can't get the meaning of above notes,I will edit this post when I get it)

The Main Attraaction of ep 27
  • Birthday will be in this episode, the ultimate form of Kamen Rider Birth.
  • Ankh decides to protect this Yummy and suddenly disappears.
  • Eiji thinks that there's another reason to why he disappeared.
  • While the Yummy starts to box because Okamura isn't able to.
  • The Yummy shows up and starts to box the current champion, Takeda.
Boxing parrot!!!
and there will be another bird type Yummy coming out in episode 27 too.

Our dear Birthday, Date san!!
'Left hand' produces Yummy just like Uva's method

the left hand

the right hand

SD preview
very blur but better than none.

This is the April issue of a magazine which have Tamashii combo and movie info.
 It's selling hot now!!!

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