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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 28 (1000th episode of Kamen Rider TV series) info!

Rushing updates after quakes~~~
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Erm..ok fans, as you know this is all my hardworking translation...which I use Google translate to help me (I have translated to English,Chinese and Malay to confirm the meaning of each word) and Yep it's the original one(with tons of translation mistake) so if there is any misleading translation please take it as spoiler.
I'm not taking the information from any English website, therefore I will put the original words here.
If you all are free and don't want take my translation to your own site or tell your friends.
Please do it with your own hand and translate the original Japanese word provided here.
Thank you.

メインゲストとして登場する男の名は”千堂 院”・・・。
The TV series of Kamen Rider OOO Episode 28 will celebrate the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider TV series!
No doubt and don't doubt because this is one of the major and memorable event!
All the staff are celebrating this event grandly.
"Uin or not"the man whose name remind us.
The shocker combatant were fighting rider once again without questioning.
It's sure some of the riders are not satisfied with the settings.
The play is a unique theater is  by  村杉蝉之介
and  people know about the it's plan to take care the [adult viewers]
A group of mystery shocker combatant and they have to shoot the rider memorial movie.
They all gonna be on the same boat...

Additional information: Sendou will be the guest of this arc.Sendou in the past was a Shocker grunt and always lost to the riders.Due to his hatred towards riders Kazari created a Yummy out of him which is the SquidJaguar Yummy.The Yummy will attack anyone on the bike (rider).
In the same episode they will also fighting a red parrot yummy which is shown in the preview trailer of EP 27.

 Eiji in the middle of shooting of rider memorial movie.
Rider's clothes are coat or vest (the blue one looks like Kamen Rider Ichigo's clothes ^^), showa era fans sure will notice about this.
 And what is the true identity of shocker combatants surrounding him? (Epic feel huh? all combatants surrounding a rider)

More information and translation will be done later because too many have to do.
I have used almost 1 hour to do this post...

source via ca3 blog

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