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Kamen Rider OOO EP 28 Preview Scans and word synopsis.

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I have only translated the 1st part the 2nd part I'm kind of blur so I done a bit only/
(If you all want you can translate yourself..sorry I have done my best)
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Kamen Rider Birth was in a big crisis.OOO had to beat up the Yummy.
Our director Date-san was injured and they were considering whether to stop the shooting or not.
Date will declare the decision that they made.
He said,
"The Movie is a dream and it bears all the children's dreams"
Finally, they decided to continue the movie shooting.

 The Yummy from Sendou(the previous or ex-sentounin of Shocker) was born in Sendou's apartment.
"Those eyes are so weak,I'll born"
To make Kazari's fool,Sendou said about the pride of Shocker sentounin.
How are the fate of the sentounin and the film ?

This is the 2nd part.(Most of it, I don't get the full meaning)
Below are the interview with Kobayashi,the narrator of Kamen Rider Black.
He is very impressed with the episode 28 and he said: Watanabe-kun. OOO Great! (direct translation will be Strong)

○ナレーション 小林清志さん

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This is the episode 28 information from other official site.

below is the counting of number of Kamen Rider TV series episode
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